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Special Offer from the Farm


  • We do not have any special offers at this time. Please check back!


  • Special CSAs are offered from time to time. 
  • Please select "Special" under "Order Type."
  • In "Special Notes," please make note of the size you would like.





**CSAs are charged by the month. You receive a weekly or bimonthly  basket (based on what you ordered) and charges are done on the 1st of each month. 

Delivery charges are added to the charges below. See "General CSA Information" for delivery charges. 


  • Small Basket: $30/week 
  • Small Basket with eggs: $34/week
  • Medium Basket (includes eggs): $45/week
  • Large Basket (includes eggs): $58:week
  • Seniors $25/week
  • Juicing Basket $30/week
  • Fruit Only $30/week
  • Flowers CSA $10/$20/$30 weekly 
  • Soup/Salad/Bread/Dessert $35/weekly
BIMONTHLY (1st & 3rd week each month) 
  • Small Basket: $35/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Small Basket with eggs: $39/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Medium Basket (includes eggs): $52/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Large Basket (includes eggs): $68/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Seniors (no eggs) $30/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Juicing $35/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Fruit Only $35/bimonthly (charged x 2)
  • Flowers CSA $15/$25/$35 (charged x 2)
  • Soup/Salad/Bread/Dessert $35/bimonthly (charged x 2)

TRIAL BASKETS (one-time basket or one-month subsciption) (no sign up fee)
  • Small Basket: $35 for one time or $140 for one month trial   
  • Small Basket with eggs: $39 for one time or $156 for one month trial 
  • Medium Basket (includes eggs): $52 for one time or $208 for one month trial 
  • Large Basket (includes eggs): $68 for one time or $272 for one month trial
  • Combo Basket (includes eggs) $175 month (not available as one week only trial)
  • Juicing Basket $35 for one time or $140 for one month trial
  • Fruit Only Basket $35 for one time or $140 for one month trial 
  • Soup/Salad/Bread/Dessert $40 for one time or $160 for one month trial 
  • Flower CSA $15/$25/$35 trial for one time 
CREATE YOUR OWN (min. $60 monthly order required - minimum charged on the 1st)
  • We will email an order list &  form each Friday.
  • Orders are due by Sunday at 8pm.
  • Minimum of $60 orders each month.
  • You will be charged the $60 minimum on the first of each month and anything exceeding that will be charged at the end of the month 


Important Notes:


  • By submitting your online order form, you are agreeing to our Membership Agreement and farm rules. Please email us prior to submitting your form if you have any questions.
  • There is a one-time $30 setup fee for new member accounts. This fee is not charged for trials 
  • There is a delivery fee charged to all deliveries 
  • Your credit card will be charged on the first of each month unless otherwise noted.
  • You are expected to pickup your basket each week from the drop off location. We are not responsible for baskets that are not picked up - they will not be replaced. We will leave baskets with or without a cooler for home delivery.  We are not responsible for food going bad which is why we ask you to pick up as soon as possible after delivery or to leave an ice chest out side your house for home delivery 
  • Please see our Weekly CSA page for information on seasons and cancellation policy/fees.

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